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Westmoreland Pharmacy has initiated a program to help improve the overall health of the community that has so graciously supported us over the years. Beginning September 1, 2014 Westmoreland Pharmacy will begin FREE distribution of Multi-Vitamins for children.

(New Albany/Jeffersonville, IN) – A recent American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) clinical report, “Prevention of Rickets and Vitamin D Deficiency in Infants, Children, and Adolescents,” recommends that all children receive 400 IU a day of vitamin D, beginning within the first few days of life. A Winston-Salem Pharmacist has decided this is an issue that must be addressed.

The previous 2003 recommendation called for 200 IU per day for infants, children, and adolescents. The change in recommendation comes after reviewing new clinical trials on vitamin D, and the historical precedence of safely giving 400 IU per day to the pediatric population.

Humans attain vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, diet and supplements. Vitamin D deficiency is common in children and adults. In utero and childhood, vitamin D deficiency may cause growth retardation, skeletal deformities and an increased risk of hip fractures later in life.

Clinical data show that 400 IU of vitamin D a day will not only prevent many of the problems associated with Vitamin D deficiency (like rickets), but treat it. Rickets is preventable with adequate vitamin D, but dietary sources of vitamin D are limited. It is difficult to determine a safe amount of sunlight exposure to synthesize vitamin D in a given individual. Rickets continues to be reported in the United States in infants and adolescents.

The greatest risk for rickets is in exclusively breastfed infants who are not supplemented with vitamin D.

In an effort to address this concern, Westmoreland Pharmacy has committed to distributing vitamins to the community to ensure that the children are getting the recommended daily allowance of vitamins. “We are living in uncertain economic times and although we see some improvement, right now many families cannot afford health insurance. These same families may lack the necessary resources to properly feed their children, and if the children are not getting the proper nutrition, their ability to learn and excel is diminished,” says Anthony Westmoreland. Westmoreland Pharmacy wants to improve the health odds for all children therefore they will distribute free multi-vitamins to families for their children. A simple questionnaire must be completed by the parent(s) or guardian and they can pick up a 30-day supply of vitamins for each child in the house. Mr. Westmoreland says that he expects the program to be ongoing indefinitely.


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